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Formerly the North East Kansas Paranormal Society, we are a Paranormal Investigation Team (PIT) located in Northeast Kansas.  We are dedicated to exploring the mysterious realm of the supernatural. With a passion for unraveling the enigmatic and engaging with the ethereal, we employ cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise to conduct captivating ghost hunting expeditions. Our team of seasoned investigators is driven by a shared commitment to scientific rigor, authenticity, and the pursuit of knowledge in the paranormal field. By blending a meticulous approach with a sense of adventure, we offer an unparalleled experience, combining thrilling investigations with a deep respect for the spirits we encounter. Join us as we illuminate the shadows and bridge the gap between the known and the unseen.

While you're here, check out our blog or send us an email.  We always look forward to talking to more people about the supernatural.  You will note that we do not discuss Kansas only, but chose this name for ourselves because that is where we're from.  That is the area we hunt the most and most of our findings, investigations, and reports take place in or around Kansas.

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Stay in the loop with our informative news, captivating stories, and thought-provoking updates. We're on a quest to unveil the mysteries that shroud Kansas in an aura of the unknown. Our society is a gathering place for those who share a fascination with the inexplicable – a forum for sharing experiences, connecting with kindred spirits, and exploring the uncharted world of the paranormal.

But there's more to our society than mere information. Prepare for thrilling adventures as we organize community investigations, uniting our members in a shared pursuit of the unknown. Our team of investigators is committed to demystifying the enigmas that make Kansas a hotbed of paranormal activity. Don't miss the opportunity to join us in the field as we venture into the depths of the unexplained.

The Paranormal Kansas Society offers a world of wonder, mystery, and exploration. Membership is free, but the experiences you'll gain are invaluable. So, why wait? Become a member today and become part of an exciting community dedicated to unraveling the mysteries that surround us. Welcome to the paranormal adventure of a lifetime!  To join, fill out the form below.

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Below you will see an infographic that is designed to give a starting point for new paranormal investigators.