The Organization of a Paranormal Investigation Team

Attention all curious minds! Get ready to learn about the different roles on our paranormal investigation team. I’ve had some questions recently about who we are and what we do, so I wanted to provide a breakdown of the different roles we have on our team and what they mean:


A senior role on the team. These members actively participate in ghost hunting and investigating paranormal activity. They have experience under their belt.


A junior role on the team. These are members who are new in their journey in ghost hunting.


Members who conduct research and provide context related to haunted locations and paranormal phenomena. These members specifically research paranormal activity as a whole and understand the different aspects of paranormal phenomena.


Members who possess a sensitivity to paranormal activity and may have intuitive skills or abilities.


Members who have knowledge of local history and folklore related to haunted locations. Similar to researchers, historians conduct research to understand the history of the locations we hunt on a deep and intimate level.


Members who approach paranormal activity with a healthy dose of skepticism and aim to provide a rational explanation for phenomena. This is a necessary role to have on the team, as it keeps the other members grounded in reality when experiencing events that may cause others to judge the situation emotionally. Their job is to prove us wrong!


Members who are skilled in using equipment and technology used in ghost hunting, such as EMF meters and thermal cameras. These team members take care of the equipment we use and are skilled in the application of that equipment.