Types of Spirits

As paranormal investigators, we're always on the lookout for different types of spirits. Here are some of the most common types of spirits that you might encounter during your investigations:

1. Residual spirits: These are spirits that are stuck in a loop, repeating the same actions or events over and over again. They're often seen as apparitions or heard as sounds or voices. Residual spirits are usually harmless and don't interact with the living.

2. Intelligent spirits: These are spirits that are aware of their surroundings and can interact with the living. They might communicate through EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), moving objects, or even manifesting as full-bodied apparitions.

3. Poltergeists: These are spirits that are known for their ability to move objects and create disturbances in the environment. They're often associated with adolescent or stressed individuals, and may be manifestations of that individual's energy.

4. Shadow people: These are dark, humanoid figures that are often seen moving quickly out of the corner of your eye. They're usually associated with feelings of unease or fear, but their intentions are unclear.

5. Demons: These are malevolent spirits that are believed to be demonic entities. They're often associated with possession and can cause physical harm to the living.

Remember, when investigating spirits, it's important to approach the situation with caution and respect. Always get permission before conducting an investigation, and never provoke or antagonize any spirits you encounter. Stay safe out there, ghost hunters!